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XI Commander in Chief of China Military, Iceland New PM

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XI Commander in Chief of China Military: President Xi Jinping has assumed a new title of commander in chief of china’s new joint forces battle command centre, in his latest move to exert greater control over the world’s largest Army and consolidate his status as Chin’s most powerful leader in decades. Sixty two year old Xi is already general secretary of the ruling communist party and chairman of the central Military Commission, which manages the people’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Iceland New PM: Iceland’s two coalition partners, the progressive party and the Independence party, agreed after talks to hand the prime ministerial post to the agriculture minister Sigurdur Ingi Johansson, 53, of the progressive. He replaced Sigmundur David Sunnlaugsson, 41, who stepped down amid massive public protests over a hidden offshore account revealed in the so-called panama papers leak of 11.5, million financial documents. 

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Suu Kyi Gets New Role As Special Adviser: Myanmar’s president on April 6 signed a bill giving Aung San Suu Kyi a new role of state adviser, shoring up her influence across all branches of government despite vehement opposition from the still powerful military. Suu Kyi is determined to rule the former junta-run nation regardless of an army-scripted constitution that bars her from becoming president, as she strives to meet the aspirations of millions of voters who gave her pro-democracy party a landslide election victory last November.

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Turkish Cypriot Government Resigns: The prime Minister of the breakaway Turkish Cypriot state submitted the resignation of his government on April 5 after his ruling coalition collapsed at a time of high hopes for reunifying the Mediterranean island.

Zuma Survives Impeachment Vote: South Africa’s parliament on April 5 voted against an opposition motion to remove President Jacob Zuma, who has apologized after the country’s top court ruled that he violated the constitution in a spending scandal. The parliament rejected the motion by a vote of 233 to 143 in a raucous session.

UK Raises Minimum Pay: The new mandatory National Living Wage was introduced by the government on April 1 requiring employers to pay workers aged 25 and over at least €7.20 an hour. The wage increase is expected to give 1.8 million workers an immediate pay rise. The wage increase will result in 60,000 fewer jobs and increase business costs by around 1 per cent of corporate profits.

Greece Deports First Migrants To Turkey:

The first migrant deported from Greek islands under a disputed European Union (EU) Turkey deal were shipped back to Turkey on April 4 in a drive to shut down the main route by which a million people fleeing war and poverty crossed the Aegean Sea in the last year. Under the pact, Ankara will take back all migrants and refugees who enter Greece illegally, including Syrians. In return, the European Union will take in thousands of Syrian refugees directly from Turkey and reward it with more money, early visa-free travel and progress in its EU membership negotiations.

San Francisco Okays Fully Paid Parental Leave: San Francisco on April 5 became the first city in the United States to approve six weeks of fully paid leave for new parents mothers and fathers, including, same-sex couples, who either bear or adopt a child. California is already one of only a few states that offer paid parental leave, with workers receiving 55% of their pay for six weeks, paid for by employee financed public disability insurance.

Pakistan China Air Exercise: Pakistan and china conducted their fifth joint air exercise, Shaheen-V, at an operational base in Pakistan in April 2016. A contingent of people’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) comprising combat pilots, air defense controllers and technical its presence as it accused Beijing of militarizing a region which is locked in territorial disputes.

Us Philippines Launch Joint Patrols: The US said on April 14 it has launched joint South China Sea naval patrols with the Philippines, escalating its presence as it accused Beijing of militarizing a region which is locked in territorial disputes.   

Us Army Okays 1st Women Officers For Combat Roles: In a major step that throws open ground combat roles to women, the US army will commission the first 22 women currently under training as second lieutenants in the infantry and armour branches under historic new rules.

Baisakhi Celebrated in Ontario Assembly: Top Leaders in Canada’s Ontario province led by Premier Kathleen Wynne joined the Sikh community in celebrating Baisakhi at the Ontario legislative assembly. For the first time, the Sikh holy book Guru Granth Sahib was brought to the assembly on April 18 to celebrate Baisakhi and the Sikh Heritage Month.

Palmyra Arch Recreated in London: A replica of a 1,800 year old iconic Palmyra Arch destroyed by dreaded Islamic State terrorists in Syria has been erected at London’s Trafalgar Square on April 19 as part of an initiative to raise awareness about the common universal heritage. Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph has been made by carving stone to the exact shape of the original working from a database of 3D photographs collected by the Institute of Digital Archaeology (IDA).

Speaker Suspends IRAQ Parliament: Embattled Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Juburi on April 19 announced the suspension of parliament sessions until further notice after a week of turmoil during which lawmakers brawled and sought to sack him. The political crisis comes as Iraq battles the Islamic State jihadist group, which overran large areas in 2014, and contends with a serious economic crisis caused by low oil prices and years of mismanagement and corruption.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia Agree To Set Up $16BN Investment Fund: Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Saudi King Salman agreed to set up a $16 billion investment fund on April 9 and settled a long standing maritime dispute as the monarch continued his rare visit to the country.   

Utah Declares Porn A Public Health Crisis: Utah became the first US state on April 19 to formally declare pornography a public health crisis in a move backed by Republicans, seeking to shield its citizens from an epidemic of addictive sexual content.

Kenyan Prez Signs Anti Doping Bill: Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta signed into law on April 22 an anti doping bill required to avoid a ban from the Rio Olympics for a nation famed for its runners but tainted by a spate of doping cases. The athletics world has been in turmoil since the world Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) issued a report in November citing widespread use of doping in the sport.

Queen Elizabeth Turns 90: The world’s oldest serving royal and the longest reigning and longest living British monarch Queen Elizabeth II turned 90 on April 21, receiving the greetings of thousands of British citizens as well as wishes from all over the world.

Czechs Pick Czechia As Alternative Name For Nation: The Czech Republic’s leaders have chosen Czechia as the one world alternative name of their country to make it easier for companies, politicians and sportsmen to use on products, name tags and jerseys. The Czech Republic emerged, along with Slovakia, from the peaceful breakup of the old Czechoslovakia in 1993. But so far there has been no standardized one world English name for the Czech Republic, Unlike, Say, France, the shortened version of the French Republic.  

Brazil House Nod to Impeach Prez: In a vote on April 17, 367 of the 513 deputies in the Lower House of Congress backed impeachment against president Dilma Rousseff well over the two thirds majority needed to move the case forward. The case now passes to the Upper House, which vote on whether to open an impeachment trial.

Europe World’s 1st Malaria Free Region: Europe has become the world’s first malaria free region, with zero cases reported in 2015 the world Health Organization said on April 20 in its annual report.

Assad Wins Majority: Syria’s ruling Baath Party and its allies won a majority of seats in parliamentary elections that took place in April 2016 across government held parts of the country. President Bashar al-Assad’s Baath movement and its allies ran under the National Unity coalition and won 200 of the Parliament’s 250 seats.

Us House Passes Email Privacy Bill: US lawmakers have approved a bill to boost privacy protection for email and other electronic communication, closing key loopholes in digital data protection. The House of Representatives approved the measure that required court orders to access emails, text messages and data stored in the Internet cloud for criminal and civil investigations.

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