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Soni Medical Store Opp. Police Station Ghumarwin Distt. Bilaspur H.P

Read Briefly About Soni Medical Store Ghumarwin

Soni clinical laboratory a unit of soni medical store Reg. No. 0203000392, Retail cum wholesale chemist & druggist, all kind of medicines are available. Veterinary, Pet Food, Labs Test facilities are also available. Special (home sample collection with in three km area) 

#Read Briefly About Soni Medical Store Ghumarwin

#List of Tests

CBC, ESR, PT-INR, BT (Bleeding Time), CT (Clotting Time), Blood Group.


Blood Sugar-FS, PP, RBS.



ALKALINE Phosphatase.

LIPID Profile, Electrolyte, AMYLASE-LIPASE.


ASO (Antistreptolysin O), CRP, RA-Factor, Widal, HCV, S-TYPHI-Lgg/Lgm, MP, Dengue

#Immunoassay Test.

Thyroid Profile Total TSH, FT3, FT4, PSA-II, VIT-B12, VIT-D (OHD3), CA-125, CEA, FSH, HGH, IgE II (IMMUNOGLOBIN), HCG.

Progesterone, Testosterone, Prolactin.

#Pulmonary Function Test (P.F.T)


#Preventive Wellness Plans

#SCL Wellness 1 (36-Test)

Lipid Profile Screen (5 Test), TG, HDL, LDL, CHOLESTEROL, VLDL.

Kidney Function Test (5 Test), Urea, Creaqtinine, Uric Acid, Albumin, Calcium

ESR, Blood Sugar Fasting (2 Test)

Liver Function Test (7 Test)

SGOT, SGPT, Bilirubin-Total, Bilirubin-Direct, Bilirubin-Indirect

Protein-Total, Alkaline Phosphatase.

CBC (17 Test) Hemoglobin, PCV, TLC, RBC Count, Platelet Count, ETC. (Price-1700/-)

(Special Price-1200/-)

#SCL Wellness 2 (39-Test)

Wellness 1+ (36 Test), Thyroid Profile Total (3 Test)

T3 Total, T4 Total, THS. (Price-2200/-), (Special Price-1550/-)

#SCL Wellness 3 (37-Test)

Wellness 1+ (36-Test), HbA1C (1-Test), (Price-2200/-), (Special Price-1500/-)

#SCL Wellness 4 (40-Test) 

Wellness 1+2+3, (Price-2700/-), (Special Price-1900/-)

#SCL Wellness 5 (41-Test)

Wellness 2+// Wellness 3+, Vitamin-B12//Vitamin-D, (Price-3400/-), (Special Price-2600/-)

#SCL Wellness 6 (41-Test)

Wellness 4+, Vitamin-B12//Vitamin-D, (Price-3900/-), (Special Price-3000/-)

#SCL Wellness 7 (42-Test)

Wellness 4+, Vitamin-B12+, Vitamin-D, (Price 5100/-), (Special Price-4000/-)

Test Report 45-90 Minutes

(Home Sample Collection With In Three Km. Area)

Also available preventive wellness plans upto 30% discount rate

Equipped with fully automated immunoassay analyser TOSOH-AIA 360, SYSMEX-XP-100, ERBA-CAM-7, ECG.PFT. All test done by prime reagent made by ERBA Mannheim (Germany), TOSOH Bioscience (USA).

Soni Clinical Laboratory

A Unit of Soni Medical Store

Collection centre- Near civil hospital shiv mandir road ghumarwin

Opp. police station, main bazar ghumarwin, distt. bilaspur (H.P)

Email: labsoniclinical@gmail.com, sonimedicalghumarwin@gmail.com

Contact: 98050-55719, 98174-71278, 94180-54013

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