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Honey Sweets Shop Dakri Chowk Ghumarwin
We Providing: Hand Made Sweets
Spl. In: Cheese Pakora, Samosha, Amriti
We Accept Order Through Online
Birthday Cake, Party Cake, Anniversary Cake

All Type of Sweets Are Available
We Offer Hand Made Sweets For Any Marriage, Any Party, ICE-CREAM, PAISTRY

Spl. In: Special Bhaji (शकरपारे, मठठी, मीठी शेरनी, नमकीन शेरनी, कटर)
Sweets Gift Packing
All Type of Namkeen and Cold Drinks Are Available
Shop Time: 6:00 AM To 10:00 PM

Address: Honey Sweets Shop Dakri Chowk Ghumarwin 174021
Proprietor: Budhi Raj 96251-74731

Mob: 96251-74731 With Whatsapp
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