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Old Cars, Bikes and Other Vehicles for sell on oldmarket.in Platform

Cars and other vehicles for sell on oldmarket site

In this platform, you can sell you all types of cars, bikes, scooters, scooty and many more other vehicles in this market place. You have found many more vehicles from all over India who want to sell their vehicles in just a few days. So you can also sell your all types of vehicles just posting one ads here and your vehicles sell out in a few days and you have also find customers in just 2 or 3 days from all over India.

In this Marketplace, you have found a lot of cars, bikes and many more other vehicles for himself. You can also post best ads in a few minutes and sell your vehicles online. There are a lot of features we have added in this platform while you’re uploading your ads related to your old vehicles.

You can also post video of your cars and many more other vehicles and in a few days you have found calls for your old products which they have come on your ads by this platform. This is the good and best method to choose old product directly by the video and with that video, they can understand your old vehicles during the medium of play video direct on website.

oldmarket.in cars bikes for sell in all over India

How to upload video on oldmarket.in website during uploading ads?

First of all, we are telling about how to upload new video during uploading at on oldmarket.in website?  When you uploading your old vehicle ads on this platform, first you upload your title that means the name of vehicles, your old product description, price of the product, after then picture of your old vehicles, then upload your name email address.

At last YouTube video dialogue box have situated on the page of publish ads, if you upload the YouTube video on this platform. During uploading your ad, first of all you have to upload that video on YouTube channel and then play the video on YouTube channel. After then copy the code of that video during playing video on YouTube channel and paste that code on ads page and then publish your ads.

This was very simple to upload your video on oldmarket.in website. When you publish your ads with video, your old products ads will appear at the top of the website home page and show the classification page that you have selected variety during placing ads.

When any buyer opens your ads, they are able to play that video during seeing your ads of your any type of old products. This is important and very best features we have added in this platform. It is very important for those who want to buy good products and who want to sell their old products without any confusion related to those products.

Uploading the video on oldmarket.in website is very important and unique features we have added other than other website running in India. Only this website provides you play the video on your old product ads and show your products all users and visitors coming on this website from all over India and it are also very important for buyers who want to buy your product online.

This is very important for buyers because any buyers play the video and then they understand and satisfied with your old products, after see the video. They are fully satisfied with your old products online.

Alloverindia.in Contributor: Hi, My Name is Mohit Bhardwaj from District Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh. I have done BCA from Himachal Pradesh University Shimla (H.P.). I’m studying with regular basis and developing my career in IT Sector.

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