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Learning Tennis All By Yourself

To say that it’s impossible to pick up new things or learn new skills in today’s society, would be a severe understatement that otherwise, would not reflect the accuracy of today’s world. The amount of information that’s available to anyone has grown significantly over the past decade. Can you remember the last time that you had to go to the library for information on a topic you’re interested in? Because the world is increasingly moving towards a digital age, free information is in abundance and is very easily accessible. For something as large as learning Tennis by yourself, it is indeed possible.

Tip #1: The Internet

Like how all our information is archived, the internet has truly become more than just a best friend for anyone with access. It is highly affordable and available to virtually anyone in the world, and access is increasingly becoming easier as companies invest in their infrastructure to expand internet connectivity. Facebook is an outstanding example of brining the internet to the world.

If you’re truly interested in learning Tennis all by yourself, the best place to start is the internet.

Tip #2: Master Your Technique Through Videos

There is a large market of Tennis videos that will help you self-teach yourself anywhere from the rules of the game to the technique as well as physical conditioning. The amount of information available is overwhelming and utilizing the right type of information can help you get started fairly easily.

We highly recommend conducting either a Google search or Youtube video search. Both methods will yield you results that you can use to get started right away.

Tip #3: Practice, Practice, and Practice Some More

It’s a common saying that you can read and watch everything related to Tennis all you want, but at the end of the day, the best way to learn Tennis all by yourself is simply by going out there, and practicing yourself. Reality is much different than what you think you’ve learned from video, and time is needed to help groom you up to speed with the proper conditioning and techniques.

Go outside every day and practice something small, if even just swinging. One of the most critical steps towards learning a sport by yourself is mastering the basics. Once you master the basics, the more advanced techniques will come naturally.

Tip #4: Proper Rest

It is no joke when proper rest is important to helping you learn Tennis by yourself. Much of the learning process at the beginning is what is called “Muscle Memory.” As you practice the techniques and Tennis conditioning more and more, your muscles are able to store your experience as memory, therefore making it easier for you to pick up the sport the next time you play.

Having the proper rest and a good number of hours of sleep is important for your growth in Tennis. By having a clear mind and allowing your body to rest and recover, it makes it that much easier for your body to recall the techniques and conditioning you previously practiced. Learning a sport is similar to studying in the sense that you’re only going to be efficient if you’ve properly cared for your body vs. running it to the ground.

Tip #5: Having The Right Equipment

One of the most common obstacles in learning Tennis by yourself is having improper or cheap equipment. By investing your money into proper and high quality equipment, you’ll be able to jump over your hurdles much quicker than having equipment that’s low quality.

The rationale behind this is that because much of Tennis involves technique, having the proper equipment, such as a good Tennis racquet or Tennis shoes, will speed up your learning phase. We highly recommend you take a look at Tennis racquet reviews to see why some players prefer one over the other. Having the best equipment will minimize the amount of errors or obstacles you come across as you’re teaching Tennis to yourself.

Peter Fryer is a Co-founder of Tennis Racquet Center blog; it’s a blog about tennis playing tips, guide, product reviews, tennis news, events and about Tennis Players.

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