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La Trobe Business School, Australia makes New Announcements

Professor Jane Hamilton – Dean and Head of La Trobe Business school

La Trobe Business School, Australia makes New Announcements to cater to Indian Students! NEW intake in January for selected master’s programs, Continuing successful intake in November to complement March and July intakes, and Scholarships to meet ever-growing demand from Students.

Indore, 26th May, 2018 – Opening NEW opportunities for Indian Students, a Senior Delegation led by Professor Jane Hamilton, Dean and Head of La Trobe Business School (LBS), La Trobe University (LTU), Australia visited Kathmandu; India and Colombo.

La Trobe Business School amongst World’s Best !

*  MBA ranked as “Superior” for Employability in world QS rankings

*  Accounting & Finance is ranked in the top 200 in the world by QS.

In response to Student demand from India, LBS has introduced a New Intake for selected Post Graduate Business courses in January, with accelerated study programs to allow earlier completion. This is in addition to the very successful introduction last year for undergraduate and postgraduate programs in November. The November intake is in addition to the two intakes in February and July semesters. La Trobe Business School few years earlier introduced third semester for its Post Graduate Courses, which is now very popular amongst Indian students. In addition, New Subjects have also been introduced to meet the needs of Industry and the latest trends in the job market.

Professor Jane Hamilton said “La Trobe University’s steady endeavour to connect with key countries in our region and to keep generating better opportunities for Students has brought La Trobe Business School back to India. Our New January intake for Post Graduate Programs, three Intakes a year for Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programs and continuing to offer excellence Scholarships should help Students from India to reap significant benefit from the expertise and brand new cutting-edge facilities at La Trobe Business School.”

MBA “La Trobe University’s practical Industry-focused MBA prepares Students for the rapidly changing 21st century business environment. Our Program is accredited by EPAS and Recognised by CEO Magazine as a Tier One Global Program.  A feature of the Course is an opportunity for Students to participate in an Enterprise Learning Project within an Organisation”.

“La Trobe University has jumped about 200 places in the latest Academic Ranking of World Universities. It is placed 301stin the world and it means that the University is placed in the top 400 in the world in all three recognised International Rankings of Universities”, said Professor Jane Hamilton.                               


Once again, La Trobe Business School, Australia is offering Scholarships to the value of 15%, 20% and 25% of the Total Tuition Fee for Undergraduate as well as Postgraduate International Students commencing in 2018 for our popular courses (www.latrobe.edu.au/scholarships/la-trobe-excellence-scholarships/courses). These Scholarships are merit based and will be offered to students based on their prior academic performance. These Scholarships will be offered to students on a first come first serve basis.


La Trobe Business School has introduced new subjects that respond to changes in the job market and the need for graduates to be aware of business trends. These subjects include Big Ideas in Business and Digital Business, both of which are part of the Bachelor of Business.

About La Trobe University

La Trobe University is multi-campus university based in Victoria, Australia. Named after the first Lieutenant Governor of Victoria, La Trobe University has been at the forefront of higher education in Australia for the past fifty years. La Trobe University is renowned for its academic excellence and research achievements. It has seven campuses in Victoria and one campus in New South Wales in Australia. More than 181,000 students have graduated from La Trobe University and have gone on to achieve great things in all walks of life, giving La Trobe its well-deserved reputation. For details, please visit www.latrobe.edu.au/international

For further information, please contact:

Atul Malikram|9755020247


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