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Guidelines of District of Sirmour In himachal Pradesh

Situated in Shivalik hills, Sirmour is one of the district of Himachal Pradesh. It has Uttar Pradesh in the east, Solan district in the North West and Shimla lies in the north. There are many beliefs about origin of name of Sirmour, according one assumption, Sirmour was capital of erstwhile princely state, and another belief says that Raja Rasaloo, who founded the state, Sirmour was name of his ancestor. Till now, no trustworthy facts are found. It is hilly area with thick forests of different kinds of plants and trees. Greenery and high hills of district Sirmour attract tourists from plain areas especially.

Nahan:It is headquarter of district Sirmour. Raja Karam Prakash was founder of Nahan in 1621. It is one of the oldest town of Himachal. There is a legendry palace of old time in the heart of Nahan which has been reopened recently for visitors and houses many amazing statues, sculptures, arms and ammunition. Its exquisite architectural designing is a marvel. It reminds us of our old rajas and their life style. Nahan has scenic beauty and modern facilities.

Ranital: is worth watching garden in the town which offers many swings, gardens of colorful flowers and beautiful landscapes. In the center of Ranital garden, temple of Shiva stands, adding beauty to the park.

Tirlokpur: The place is famous for temple of Mata Bala Sundri, an incarnation of Durga. Pilgrims from Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh visit this place often. There is fair, twice a year during Navaratras (holy days of goddess) in the premises of temple. It is situated on secluded hills at a distance of 24 km from Nahan.

Shivalik Fossil Park: Markanda valley holds the privilege of having, one of its kinds in north India, a fossil park. The park was inaugurated in the year 1974 for the purpose of education, entertainment and preservation of pre historic fossils of extinct or near extinction species of animal of 25 million years ago.

Renuka Lake: Nestled amidst the exquisite tranquility and panoramic view, is the largest (3214m circumference) natural lake of Himachal Pradesh. It has great religious significance as per mythology; Mata Renuka was a goddess of locals. Adjacent to the lake, stands temples of Renukaji and Parshuram. Tourists can enjoy boating in the lake. Devotees of goddess also take holy dip in the water. In the month of November a week long fair takes place here.

There is a lion safari and zoo where different kinds of animals are kept in cage or in their natural habitat.

Churdhar Peak: located at mesmerizing height of 11965 feet and having glory of highest peak of southern Himachal Pradesh, Churdhar is favorite of solitude lovers. This place provides a kind of an Ariel view of surroundings and distant locations. According to mythology, Hanumanji came here and discovered a life restoring Sanjeevani Booti in the lap of HiImalyas. The forests here are believed to have many herbs of great curative value. Some rare species of animals and birds are also found in these forests. A famous and old temple of Srigul deity dedicated to Shiva is also situated here.

Jaitak Fort:  Historical significance of this place cannot be denied as fight between Gurkha regiment and British forces took place at this very place. Leader of Gurkha, Ranjor Singh Tapa got the fortress made in1810 when he attacked Nahan.

Haripur Dhar:  This place is well known for having historical fort which was erected by rulers of Sirmour as there used to be disputes with neighboring state, Jubbal on the issue of territory. It lies at a distance of 106 km from Nahan, on the top of Himalyas.

Industries in Sirmour: Kala Amb is hub of small as well as big industries which provide plenty of employment opportunities to the locale people. Poanta Sahib also houses many industries which are beneficial for overall development of the area.

How to reach: The most preferable and easy way is to reach by road as it lies on Chandigarh – Dehradoon highway. It is approximately 100 km from Chandigarh.

Page Title: Guidelines of District of Sirmour In himachal Pradesh

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