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Ford EcoSport Model available in India Start with Price 6.46 Lakhs

Hi friends, we are providing to you the information regarding the car who name is “Ford EcoSport” latest high profile model, stylish design, available on diesel versions, outstanding fuel economy, including high level technology. This car used for mini sport utility, exteriors design is great and everything is perfectly designs. The interior design of this vehicle good feels good and average quality vehicle, good exterior design but bad front gill design, also poor break system. This vehicle includes boot space in back seat, manually increase seat width, in back seat 3 person sit comfortably.

But in this car have not good space on rear passenger but features of this car are good and in city it gives maximum 12 kmpl mileage in city and Ford EcoSport is good handler.

About The Ford EcoSport:  Ford EcoSport car is latest hi- Profile model Launched in India Having exterior looks good. Ford EcoSport is available on 10 versions.  The engine capacity of Ford EcoSport is 1498cc in diesel version with power of 89 bhp@3750 RPM and 1499cc in petrol version with power 109bhp@6300 RPM, this Model also available in the Engine capacity of 999cc in petrol version having in petrol version with power of 123bhp@6000 RPM. The Seat capacity of this car for 5 peoples and 5 speed gearboxes FWD with automatic. Ford EcoSprt car is available in many colors like Mars Red, Diamond White, Kinetic Blue, Moondust Silver, Panther Black and Sea Grey.

पढ़ने के बाद आप इस वेब पेज को अपने मित्रों के साथ शेयर करना ना भूले। आप हमें फेसबुकट्विटर, गूगल प्लस, पिंटरेस्ट, लिंकेडीन और रेडिट पर फॉलो कर सकते हैं।

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